Champagne Dreams - Memory Wire Bracelet
Champagne Dreams - Memory Wire Bracelet
Fierce Lynx Designs

Champagne Dreams - Memory Wire Bracelet

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Champagne Dreams is the first Fierce Lynx bracelet designed on memory wire, but it certainly won't be the last. Memory wire is a bit like a slinky that retains its shape, making it a tremendous one-size-fits-all solution and, like our beloved stretch bracelets, there are no clasps to fiddle with.

Champagne Dreams is made up of beautiful Czech glass beads in pale blue-grey and champagne-amber colour. The finishes range from frosted matte to sparkly facets. I also haven't abandoned gemstones in this bracelet. I've complemented the glass beads with iridescent Labradorite. 

This wrap bracelet will dress up any look, and it's a one-of-a-kind piece so if you love it, buy it before it's gone forever.

Labradorite - may look plain and grey at first glance, but shine a little light or her and just watch her sparkle. The shimmering colours can include blues, purples and greens when given a deeper look. It makes sense then that Labradorite unlocks self-awareness and intuition. It’s a great reminder we all need to look beyond the surface.

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