Earth & Fire - Lava Bead Stackable Stretch Bracelet
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Earth & Fire - Lava Bead Stackable Stretch Bracelet

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Why choose just one element when you can wear two? Our stackable earth and fire stretch bracelet features beautiful green Ching Hai Jade. Combine it with other stackables for a Fierce Lynx look!

Lava Beads – Light and porous lava represents both fire and earth so it keeps you rooted while reflecting your fiery side. Lava beads are also the perfect carrier for essential oils. Just add a drop of your favourite scent to keep with you all day long. Because lava is so light, you can stack up loads of these bracelets to show off your unique style. 

Ching Hai Jade – This stunning green and white gemstone actually isn’t jade. It’s the trade name for a natural combination of dolomite, fuchsite and occasionally other minerals. As such, this stone takes on the properties of dolomite (which is protective and balancing) and fuchsite (which provides intuition and creativity) for a one-two punch of goodness!

Size: 25cm (10n) long 
Gemstones: Lava, Ching Hai Jade, 8mm
Materials: natural gemstone beads, nylon stretch cord, metal alloy elements (lead and cadmium free)
Special orders: Different sizes, colour combinations, materials (including sterling silver options) available on request. Please email me for details. 

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