Natural Jasper Gemstone Bracelet Set
Natural Jasper Gemstone Bracelet Set
Natural Jasper Gemstone Bracelet Set

Fierce Clarity - Bracelet Duo

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I'm always amazed by the variety of colours and patterns found in Jasper. This bracelet set contains two very different types in two different cuts. Ocean Wave Jasper is one of my go tos, both because I love the neutral grey shade but also because the swirling patterns are mesmerizing. 

Dendritic Jasper is a new one for me and this rosy shade paired perfectly with Ocean Wave. This is another hand-cut polygon bead, like in Joyful Lynx but this time it's larger and less polished for a chunkier feeling. 

This is a great neutral set that will pair with just about anything. 

Dendritic Jasper­ - This pretty Jasper is great for mental clarity and is a beloved gemstone of writers and inventors (which must be why I was drawn to it right away.) It was believed to promote blood flow to the brain so consider it a caffeine-free kick start to your morning. Plus it looks a lot prettier than a coffee cup!

Ocean Jasper – For those of us who need to hear the siren call of the sea, Ocean Jasper is the ideal gemstone to wear. This stone resonates in harmony with the ocean and promotes relaxation. It also helps us get in touch with our empathetic side and, let’s face it, in today’s world we could all use a bit more empathy.