Fierce Dreamer - Triple Wrap Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Fierce Dreamer - Triple Wrap Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

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Who says you can't be fierce and dreamy at the same time? You may have your head in the clouds but you've got big dreams - and you'll make them happen because your feet are firmly rooted in the earth. This bracelet has the shimmery sparkle of Labradorite combined with the calm, dreaminess of Lilac Stone, with a dash of pizzaz from two rhinestone spacers.

Labradorite - may look plain and grey at first glance, but shine a little light or her and just watch her sparkle. The shimmering colours can include blues, purples and greens when given a deeper look. It makes sense then that Labradorite unlocks self-awareness and intuition. It’s a great reminder we all need to look beyond the surface.

Lilac Stone (Lilac Lepidolite) – Lilac Stone is as calming as its dreamy colour implies. Lepidolite soothes anxiety, calms stress, and brings emotional healing. If you need some TLC get some Lilac Stone in your life.

Size: 56cm (22in) long 
Gemstones: labradorite, lepidolite - 8mm
Materials: natural gemstone beads, nylon stretch cord, metal alloy elements (lead and cadmium free)
Special orders: Different sizes, colour combinations, materials (including sterling silver options) available on request. Please email me for details.