Natural Jasper Gemstone wrap bracelet handmade
Natural Jasper Gemstone wrap bracelet handmade
Natural Jasper Gemstone wrap bracelet handmade

Fierce Duality - Triple Wrap Stretch Bracelet

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We all have more than one side to our personalities. Just like a single gemstone can come in a rainbow of colours, every Lynx has hidden depths within her soul. The yin-yang symbol represents this perfectly which is why I chose it to highlight my Fierce Duality triple wrap gemstone bracelet. 

In addition to lava beads (so you can wear your favourite essential oils), I chose two very different Jaspers for this piece - rusty red Brecciated and black and white Zebra. Both Jasper - Both very different. Wear your differences proudly Lynxes! 

Brecciated Jasper – Also known as Poppy Jasper, Brecciated (meaning formed by fragments of other rocks) Jasper is most commonly found in rusty red and grey shades. Like all jaspers, this is a grounding stone and is calming if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Zebra Jasper – This is a calming and grounding gemstone that helps connect you to Mother Earth. The playful Dalmatian spots belie its serious healing properties. Zebra Jasper helps improve your skin and strengthen your bones and teeth to keep you smiling.

Lava Beads – Light and porous lava represents both fire and earth, so it keeps you rooted while reflecting your fiery side. Lava beads are also the perfect carrier for essential oils. Just add a drop of your favourite scent to keep with you all day long. Because lava is so light, you can stack up loads of these bracelets to show off your unique style.

Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.