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Fierce Inspiration - Triple Wrap Gemstone Bracelet

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Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.

I was inspired to create a similar version of this gemstone bracelet as a special order for a friend who requested 'something beautiful with purples.' As she is a Renaissance Woman with plenty of creative talents, I named her piece Fierce Inspiration. 

I chose Amethyst, as it promotes enlightenment, and Purple Jade, for its calming qualities. I offset the purple tones with the swirling greys of Ocean Jasper as it is a bringer of harmony. 

About Fierce Lynx Wrap Bracelets:

  • Triple wrap bracelets can also be worn as necklaces
  • Stretch bracelets accommodate a range of wrist sizes from 6.5-7.5 inches
  • larger or smaller sizes are made free of charge on request
  • metal accent beads are lead and nickel free
  • wrap bracelets can be made as sets on request (please allow additional wait time)
  • Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada

Fierce Inspiration looks great with:

About the Gemstones:

Amethyst – Although amethyst is a fairly common gemstone it has long been associated with luxury. This beautiful purple-hued quartz is meditative and calming and promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment. Bring amethyst into your life for more calm, peace, and centeredness.

Lavender Jade – A form of Jadeite, Lavender Jade is uplifting and not just for its pretty colour. Lavender Jade helps chase away grief and worry which makes it a great gift for someone going through a tough time. It is soothing and calming but can also give you a shot of bravery when you need it most.

Ocean Jasper – For those of us who need to hear the siren call of the sea, Ocean Jasper is the ideal gemstone to wear. This stone resonates in harmony with the ocean and promotes relaxation. It also helps us get in touch with our empathetic side and, let’s face it, in today’s world we could all use a bit more empathy.