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Tranquility Bay - Larimar Bracelet Set


Discover Tranquility Bay – A Nautical Dream in Larimar, White Jade, and Silver

Embark on a serene journey with the Tranquility Bay Bracelet Set, a tribute to the enchanting hues of the ocean. This set, a harmonious blend of tropical Larimar, white Jade, and silver-toned accents, is crafted into three distinctive bracelets that evoke the spirit of the sea.

Why Tranquility Bay Is A Must-Have

Unique Larimar Essence: At the heart of this set lies natural Larimar, a gemstone exclusive to the Dominican Republic. Its unenhanced colour mirrors the Caribbean waters, making it an essential piece for anyone who dreams of being a mermaid. Each bracelet in this set showcases Larimar in various forms, from irregular chips that create a relaxed, organic feel to three larger nuggets that draw the eye.

Personal Connection: As a creator, I have a deep fascination with Larimar, which has led me to gather an extensive collection of this Caribbean blue stone in diverse shapes and sizes. You'll find this passion reflected in each piece, especially in the center bracelet with its standout Larimar nuggets and the bottom bracelet adorned with a delicate wave charm, symbolizing the sea's endless motion.

Soothing Elegance: The Tranquility Bay set is designed for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to transport you to a place of peace and calm. The delicate blues and whites and the gentle shimmer of silver accents make these bracelets a perfect accessory for relaxation and mental escape.


  • Materials: Larimar, White Jade, Silver-Toned Accents
  • Unique Elements: Irregular Larimar chips and larger nugget focal points
  • Design Highlight: A charming small wave charm on the bottom bracelet
  • Size: Stretch bracelets fitting wrist sizes 6-7 inches, with custom sizing available
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada, with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices
  • Charitable Aspect: 10% of all profits donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Who Will Love Tranquility Bay

Tranquillity Bay is for you if you find solace in the sea, cherish unique gemstones with a story or seek a piece that brings a sense of calm and relaxation. It's more than just a bracelet set; it's a wearable piece of the ocean's tranquility designed to soothe your soul and refresh your spirit.

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Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.