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10 Best Gemstones for Winter - Fierce Lynx Designs

10 Best Gemstones for Winter

As many parts of the country start seeing regular snows, jewelry trends shift. People begin to favor warm, rich hues, along with shades that remind them of sparkling ice and the moon that now lingers longer in the sky.

If you are wondering what are the best gemstones for this winter, here's a look at some of the emerging trends, the gems taking center stage, and more.

Winter Jewelry Trends

Broader trends play a big role in the gemstones you see every season. In some cases, a specific metal makes waves, along with certain patterns and design choices.

This winter, thick chains are a popular item. Gold is a classic choice for chains, though it isn't the only option. You may find statement-making pieces in silver and copper, as well as in resin and other synthetic materials.

An unexpected addition to the winter lineup is sculptural floral pieces. Some feature one of the best gemstones for winter, either in the center of the flower or covering the design entirely. If you aren't a fan of florals, don't fret. Sculptural stars are also on-trend, giving you an alternative.

One of the biggest winter jewelry trends involves combining gold and pearls. It's a classic look that's being elevated, as statement pieces are the most popular expression of the trend this year.

10 Best Gemstones for Winter

1. Pearls


pearls in a shell


As mentioned above, pearls are very on-trend this winter, especially when combined with gold and used to create large statement pieces. And you can use any type of pearl. Whether you favor the look of Akoya pearls in the classic round shape or the mesmerizing beauty of baroque freshwater pearls, you can find winter jewelry options for you.

Additionally, you aren't limited to white pearls. Black pearls are an excellent choice for winter thanks to their deep, moody hues. However, you can also warm things up with a cream, chocolate, golden, pink, or peach, or go cooler by embracing lavender or blue pearls.

2. Tanzanite

raw uncut tanzanite


The color of tanzanite feels very at home in the winter season, ranging from blue to indigo to purple. That may be why it serves as one of December's birthstones.

The gemstone is quite striking when coupled with both gold and silver-toned metals. While the color is dark, it has an icy quality that fits right in during the year's colder months.

3. Labradorite

raw unpolished labradorite

Any gemstone that captures the look of the Northern Lights is a winner during the winter. Labradorite usually exhibits a range of breathtaking shades, including blues, purples, greens, oranges, and yellows. Plus, it's characteristic labradorescence – a type of play-of-color – gives the stone a unique look that always stands out.

Since labradorite isn't typically found in chain jewelry stores, it also serves as a chance to do something a bit different. It's also incredibly affordable, which is a boon for anyone who wants to be on-trend this winter without breaking the bank.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a magnificent stone, featuring a deep blue color that resembles the winter night sky with some lighter sections that resemble stars.

This stone also has a place among birthstones. Lapis lazuli is one of the traditional birthstones for December. It is also one of September's birthstones if you follow Britain's National Association of Goldsmith's list.

5. Moonstone

polished moonstone


While moonstone is one of the birthstones for June, it also works well in the winter. In ancient times, some thought moonstones were frozen moonbeams, making them fit right in during the colder months.

The base color tends to be a snowy white, with hints of colors flashing across the gem. However, you can also find moonstones in earthier hues, as well as a gentle blue, giving you some options to explore.

6. Dendrite Quartz


Dendrite quartz features unique patterning. Inside the white-to-gray stone, you'll find dark sections, often in patterns that look like the branches of a fir tree in winter.

Due to those patches, every piece of dendrite quartz looks incredibly unique. Since the effect is more dramatic in larger gems, this stone is ideal for large statement pendants or earrings, allowing the pattern to really take center stage.

7. Turquoise


Another December birthstone, turquoise is an excellent option for adding a hint of color to your winter wardrobe. Its brighter blue to greenish-blue base has an icy quality. The darker matrix that you find in many pieces adds a hint of warmth, like a river of chocolate cutting through a winter landscape.

If a pyrite matrix is present, you also get hints of shine and shimmer. This can be great for winter jewelry, a time of year when sparkle is widely embraced.

8. Diamond


Nothing quite captures the sparkle of clear ice like a diamond. Diamond coordinates well with any metal, making it a highly versatile stone. It's one of the most popular jewelry stones, so it tends to be widely available.

Plus, many of the colored diamonds also work well during winter. Blue diamonds have an icy quality, while yellow diamonds mimic the gentle hue of the stars.

9. Topaz

Blue topaz

You can find topaz in a variety of winter-ready hues. Clear topaz can be an excellent alternative to diamond, capturing an ice-like quality perfect for the season. Various kinds of blue topaz are also excellent choices, allowing you to imbue an outfit with color that's both cool and vibrant.

Topaz is also a November birthstone, which is another reason it feels perfect during colder months. Yellow topaz is a great way to add warmth to your outfit, giving you a way to capture a bit of starlight with your accessories.

10. Garnet

garent gemstone

The deep red commonly associated with garnet is a great option for winter. This January birthstone is available in shades that mimic mulled wine and offers up a depth of color that makes the jewelry pieces stand out.

Additionally, garnets are relatively affordable and widely available. It's a favorite among chain jewelers and independent designers alike, making it reasonably easy to come by, especially as January draws near.

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