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Love These Bracelets

I found these bracelets through a blogger.  They have become my treat to myself because they are all so fabulous!



I gave this as a gift and was so happy to see the look on my friend's face! She didn't take it off all weekend, even when her clothes didn't match it! :)


Lovely Bracelet!

Outstanding in both quality and execution. I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my day-to-day wardrobe.


Soft and Lovely

I gave this bracelet as a gift. With so many beautiful bracelets to choose from I thought this one would fit quite nicely into any wardrobe. The colors are soft and muted. I love that a card is included with each bracelet to identify the various bead types and give an explanation of what the bead stands for. It makes the gift all the more meaningful!


Beautiful with extras

Not only was the bracelet set beautiful, but I appreciate the little extras that told me about its creation, proper care and special storage bag. Wonderful, wonderful


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