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7 Ways to Use Gemstones in Your Home - Fierce Lynx Designs

7 Ways to Use Gemstones in Your Home

Gemstones can be attractive additions to any interior. Geodes, crystals, and stones have all been popular home décor items over the years. Whether it be a geode bookend, an agate coaster, or a small collection of gemstones in a glass container, those options only brush the surface of what’s possible.

If you are looking for ways to use gemstones in your home, here’s what you need to know.

Using Gemstones in Your Home

In the vast majority of cases, using gemstones in your home means considering their value as home décor. Often, people enjoy displaying crystals, stones, and minerals. Many of them are quite colourful and sparkle or shine when introduced to the light. This makes them ideal for visual interest.

However, some believe that gemstones placed strategically in the home can bring other benefits. In some cases, the beliefs are based on systems like Feng Shui, which, when applied to interior design, is thought to assist the person in creating living spaces with good flow and positive energy.

Whether you wish to use gemstones for aesthetic or mystical purposes may dictate some of your choices. However, both can benefit from smart placement and overall design considerations, ensuring the end result is visually attractive and serves your desired function.

7 Ways to Use Gemstones in Your Home

using gemstones in your home

Figuring out where to place gemstones in your home can be challenging. Often, crystals, stones, and geodes worth displaying have a degree of value. Regardless of whether that value is financial or sentimental, you want to find a home for your gems where they won’t be disturbed, knocked over, or lost.

With that in mind, here are seven options for displaying gemstones in your home.

1. Wall-Mounted Shelving Unit

If you can find a smaller wall-mounted shelving unit or display cabinet, that can be an ideal home for your crystals, stones, and minerals. It lets you keep them together in a single place while also ensures they can be part of your décor.

Plus, it gives you a display option that doesn’t involve a piece of furniture that you use frequently. A dedicated shelving unit decreases the odds that your gemstones will get bumped, and may discourage others from picking them up as well.

2. Crystal Gardens

Crystal garden in your home

A great option for those who enjoy the idea of terrariums but don’t have a green thumb, crystal gardens involve choosing an attractive container and displaying your gemstones in a beautiful way. You might use a shallow bowl or vase or something grander, depending on your available space.

Additionally, you can add a range of other items to your crystal garden to achieve your ideal final look. Maybe you want to line the container with moss, add small tealights, or incorporate a piece of driftwood. Really, the possibilities are endless.

3. Wall Hangings and Mobiles

crystal mobile

Creating a gemstone wall hanging can be a great display option, allowing you to use your crystals as wall décor. With a stick, some cord or twine, and a collection of stones, you can get started with this fun project.

If you’d rather hang it from the ceiling, then you might want to opt for a mobile or windchime approach. Look for a hoop that can support the hanging gemstones instead of a stick. The rest of the process is essentially the same.

Just keep in mind that hanging the crystals can require some creativity. You might need to wire-wrap the stones, drill holes in them, select pieces with natural divots, or use glue.

4. Planters and Candle Holders

If you have a large enough geode, you might be able to turn it into a planter or candle holder. Typically, this involves drilling out a section of the stone, creating a cylindrical space for a plant, tealight, or larger candle to sit. The drilling process can put your geode at risk, as it’s possible it will fracture during the process.

However, if you’d rather skip the anxiety-inducing drilling, you can always buy crystal candle holders or planters. Then, the hard part’s already done and you can just enjoy the final look of your new piece of home décor.

5. Bookends, Paperweights, and Coasters

geode bookend

Larger stones can also be left completely intact and used as pieces of functional home décor. Stone bookends and paperweights can be attractive additions to any office, library, or reading area.

In some cases, larger stones can be sliced into attractive coasters. Once done, all you need to do is set them on a coffee table. However, it is important to note that not all stones are very absorbent, so they might not protect your coffee table fully if a lot of condensation drips off a drink.

6. Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

If you want to add some sparkle or shine to your drawer and cabinet pulls, gemstones might be a great option. You can attach your own stones to flat handles or pulls, or look for versions featuring crystals from various manufacturers.

Just make sure you look for stones that aren’t too uncomfortable to grab. That way, your pulls stay functional while offering you an amazing final look.

7. Mirror or Picture Frame

Want to spice up a plain mirror or picture frame? Consider grabbing a glue gun and attaching crystals to the frame. This can be ideal for gemstones that are about the size of a marble, allowing you to display a collection together.

Some people stick with a single type of stone when covering a frame, making the final result monochromatic or keeping the palette limited, while others use several kinds of crystals, creating a more colourful look.

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