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How Does a Face Roller Work? - Fierce Lynx Designs

How Does a Face Roller Work?

Face rollers have been around for an incredibly long-time. However, as people look for more options for at-home self-care, they've sprung to prominence. If you wonder how a face roller works, what the facial roller benefits are, how to use face rollers properly, and whether one is right for you, here's what you need to know.

What Is a Face Roller?

A face roller is a small, handheld device commonly made out of gemstone and metal components. The purpose of a face roller is to perform facial massage at home.

Usually, the facial roller features two rollerballs, with one positioned on each end of a handle. The balls are generally oblong, resembling a rolling pin instead of a sphere. In some cases, the face roller balls are textured, though most versions are smooth.

As for which gemstones you'll find with these devices, jade facial rollers are popular and widely available. However, you can also find ones featuring other stones, including clear, smoky, or rose quartz, amethyst, lapis, and more.

What Does a Face Roller Do?

Face roller benefits

As mentioned above, a facial roller is a handheld massage device. It gives you a smooth, solid surface that you can use to work facial muscles.

Using a face roller can provide a range of benefits. However, there are also some pervasive myths about a facial roller's capabilities that could leave you with unrealistic expectations. Looking at what the device can and can't do is vital. With that in mind, here's a deep dive into the facial roller benefits, as well as the myths.

Face Roller Benefits

Most of the facial roller benefits reflect the benefits of massage. Massage is a known way to release muscle tension and reduce stress when used properly. Additionally, it can stimulate blood flow in the area being treated.

When cooled in a refrigerator before use, a facial roller can be quite soothing. Additionally, the reduced temperature may temporarily lessen puffiness and close pores, though this has more to do with the cool temperature than the roller itself.

Some users find that using a face roller to distribute certain skincare products is better than applying by hand. The roller won't absorb the product like the skin on your hands can, which may help more penetrate the skin.

self massage with face roller benefits

There are also certain potential face massage roller benefits. For example, while some research suggests that using a facial roller could assist with clearing stuffy sinuses, the results aren't definitive. Additionally, some may find that using a face roller decreases puffiness in key spots, like the undereye area, though this isn't a universal experience.

Plus, a facial roller can promote lymphatic drainage. This might help remove waste products from tissues and the body, particularly for individuals who have medical conditions that limit natural lymphatic drainage, leading to a build-up.

Finally, facial massage can improve your mood. Anything that makes you feel pampered and less stressed can be an emotional boon.

Facial Roller Myths

One of the worst face roller myths is that the device can actually slim your face. While it's true that it may reduce puffiness, that result is temporary. Only options like weight loss can lead to permanent face slimming.

The same goes for facial contouring. While a face roller can reduce puffiness in specific areas to adjust your face's contour, the results don't last. Instead, any benefit you see in this area is short-term.

Any anti-aging claims should also be taken with a grain of salt. While a facial roller may improve circulation, it can't erase wrinkles on its own.

When it comes to treating certain skin conditions - including eczema, acne, or psoriasis - rollers may actually do more harm than good. Vigorous massage can cause irritation, which may be problematic for a range of skin issues.

Finally, the stone type itself usually doesn't matter. The jade roller benefits aren't any more dramatic than what you'd get with rose quartz, lapis, or any other stone.

Ultimately, many gems can be polished to create a nice, smooth surface, making each one a viable option. While some people believe that holding, wearing, or meditating on a specific gem leads to health benefits, there is no proof that this is the case. As a result, you can choose a gemstone you enjoy, as one isn't inherently better than another.

How to Use a Face Roller

How to use a face roller

When it comes to how to use a facial roller, the process is fairly simple. Here's a step-by-step list of how to use a face roller at home.

1. Wash Your Face

Before you start using your face massage roller, you need to start with nice, clean skin. Otherwise, any bacteria or impurities may get spread around during your massage.

2. Sanitize Your Face Roller

Along with cleaning your face, you also want to sanitize your facial roller before each use. Usually, a gentle cleanser and warm water are enough. Then, dry it with a soft cloth.

3. Apply Your Product

Ideally, you want to apply a few drops of your chosen skincare product to your face before using a roller. Not only can this help spread the moisturizer or serum, but it can also reduce friction, ensuring your skin doesn't get pulled.

4. Roll Gently, Following the Contours of Your Face

Take the roller and gently roll it along the natural contours of your face. Generally, the pressure should be firm but light. You don't want to press too hard, as this can increase your odds of accidental injury or irritation.

In most cases, you want to roll upward and outward. Start on your lower neck and roll upward. Then, shift to the jawline, move it from the center to your ear, and repeat it on the other side.

For your cheekbones, start near the nose and roll toward the temple. With your browbone, begin at the top of the nose and roll outward. The same goes for the rest of your forehead area.

Usually, you only need to spend a few minutes on the massage to complete the process. Generally, anything beyond 10 minutes can lead to soreness, so it's best to stop before then.

5. Clean the Face Roller Again

After you use a facial roller, some of your skincare product will still be on the stone surface. As a result, you need to clean your roller again, ensuring any product is removed. Use the same gentle cleanser and dry the device with a soft towel before storing it.

How Often to Use Your Facial Roller

Initially, you may want to begin by using your face roller just once a week. That way, you can gauge how your skin and muscles react, ensuring you don't overdo it.

After that, if you want to move up to two times a week, that may be fine. In some cases, people even use the facial roller three times per week or more, and some use it daily to distribute skincare products.

However, it's always best to listen to your body. If your use level is causing irritation or soreness, you need to reduce the number of sessions and likely the massage's length.

Ultimately, using a facial roller should never be painful or irritating. Find a schedule that works best for you above all else. That way, you can experience the benefits without any drawbacks.

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