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Welcome 2022 with 10 Gemstones for New Beginnings - Fierce Lynx Designs

Welcome 2022 with 10 Gemstones for New Beginnings

The new year is the quintessential new beginning. That's why so many people make resolutions and treat the calendar's change as a fresh start. When the year changes, we often feel renewed and optimistic about what the future may hold.

By welcoming 2022 with gemstones for new beginnings, you're carrying that feeling with you in a tangible way. It can help you focus on the horizon, keep your mood up, and embrace what the new year may hold.

If you wonder which crystals for new beginnings are worth considering and why you should welcome one into your life, here's what you need to know.

Why Welcome 2022 with Gemstones for New Beginnings

While it's true that there's no scientific proof that wearing, holding, or meditating on a gemstone can impact your health or success, that doesn't mean they don't have an impact. By getting a stone for new beginnings, you can influence your mindset.

For many, the gems serve as a reminder. When the person sees or touches the stone, they are reminded of the meaning. That can be powerful. It may help you maintain a positive mindset for the new year or even serve as a simple reminder of the beauty you can find in the world.

Ultimately, while a gem should never stand in for medical care, and it can't guarantee success, it can profoundly alter your mood if you find it meaningful. That's why welcoming 2022 with stones for new beginnings can be a smart move.

10 Gemstones for New Beginnings

1. Moonstone

Many people choose moonstone for new beginnings. Rainbow moonstone is associated with harmony, balance, hope, and confidence, all of which can be incredibly beneficial when you're looking for a fresh start. Some also believe that it boosts intuition and inspiration while encouraging introspection and better decision-making.

 However, you can also go with black moonstone. Some relate black moonstone to the new moon, a different kind of new beginning. Plus, it's thought to be calming and grounding, which could be beneficial at the start of a new year.

2. Kyanite

When it comes to crystals for new beginnings, kyanite can be a great option. Some believe that the stone can help you cut harmful emotional ties and move away from beliefs that hold you back, both of which could be excellent for the new year.

Plus, some associate kyanite with honesty, calmness, and believing in yourself. Those lessons could all be great for the new year, helping you move forward toward your goals with confidence and grace.

3. Howlite

There's a little bit of debate about howlite's meaning. However, some of the beliefs could make it a great stone for new beginnings.

For example, some connect howlite with anxiety and stress reduction, as well as contentment. In certain systems, it's believed to help calm and clear the mind, ensuring that there isn't any harmful clutter hindering your progress. It's also said to promote awareness and wisdom, both of which could be valuable in the new year.

4. Quartz

If you're looking for crystals for new beginnings, don't overlook quartz. It's a versatile stone, for one. For another, the various colors can have different meanings, allowing you to choose the one that's right for your new year's goals.

Many belief systems connect clear quartz with cleansing energy, and that alone could be beneficial. However, others relate it to memory, concentration, and balance, too. Plus, some systems think that clear quartz can amplify the traits of other stones. By pairing it with different gems from this list, you could theoretically get a stronger boost.

Rose quartz is traditionally connected to love. While this can mean romantic connections, it may also support self-love, friendship, family connection, and more. Many also connect rose quarts with harmony, which could be beneficial.

If you prefer smoky quartz, you're in luck. That crystal can also support new beginnings thanks to its association with the ability to move on from difficult situations or experiences. Plus, it's said to reduce anxiety and stress, alleviate fear, and overcome negativity, which may help you start 2021 off on a better foot.

5. Aventurine

While the meaning of aventurine can vary depending on the color, if you're looking for stones for new beginnings, green aventurine could be a great choice. In that color, the stone is associated by many with financial gain, opportunity, and success. Plus, it's connected with luck, which is undoubtedly a great thing to have.

However, if you go with purple or blue aventurine, those meanings can work well, too. Purple aventurine is believed to support balance, while blue is thought to reduce negative thought patterns.

6. Labradorite

At times, people connect labradorite with trusting your judgment and doing what's right for you. Labradorite is often considered an adventurous stone, while others relate it to personal empowerment, strength, and courage. However, it's also connected to calmness and serenity, which many people may feel they need after the challenges of 2020.

Many also consider labradorite to be a protective stone. If you're considering gemstones for new beginnings and want to be bold in 2021, that could be beneficial.

7. Amazonite

Amazonite is a symbol of hope, courage, and success in many belief systems, making it a great gemstone for new beginnings. Not only do some believe it can help you identify your true desires, ensuring you head in the right direction for you, but it also encourages you to embrace the unknown and try something different.


Courage when trying something new is said to be something amazonite offers. Additionally, some connect it with abundance, prosperity, and even luck, all of which are lovely ideas to carry with you.

8. Citrine

Citrine has a nickname that could make it an ideal choice for the new year. It's known as the "lucky merchant's stone" in some belief systems, which could make it intriguing for anyone who is thinking about launching a business in 2022.

Additionally, citrine's coloring connects the stone with gold. As a result, many consider it a stone for financial success and abundance.

However, citrine's bright yellow hue has more connections. Some consider the stone to be very happy and energetic, as well as optimistic. Those are all traits many people crave, which could also make this an excellent gemstone for new beginnings.

9. Tigers Eye

Often, new beginnings mean taking on challenges. That's why Tigers Eye can be an excellent stone to carry with you in the new year.

While the exact meaning of tigers eye can vary from one belief system to the next, many connect the stone with courage and bravery, which could benefit anyone interested in making a career change or trying something new in 2021. Additionally, protection, balance, and compassion are also associated with the stone, as well as calmness and stress reduction.

10. Lepidolite

If you're ready for a new beginning but aren't sure where to head, then lepidolite may be the stone for you. Many believe that lepidolite can improve awareness and enhance clarity when it comes to identifying your hopes and desires. That means it may make it easier for you to choose a direction.

However, Lepidolite does have other beneficial meanings, depending on the belief system. Some connect it with calmness and relaxation, for example. Others associate it with balance, harmony, and equilibrium, all of which are considered helpful any time of year, including when it's time for a new beginning.

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