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What Is a Diffuser Bracelet? - Fierce Lynx Designs

What Is a Diffuser Bracelet?

Today, stress levels are high. Seizing every opportunity for a bit of self-care is a must, ensuring you can maintain positive well-being even during trying times. In many ways, a diffuser bracelet is one of the simplest ways to inject more self-care into your life.

With a diffuser bracelet, you have a beautiful wearable that also offers opportunities for aromatherapy. If you’d like to learn more about what a diffuser bracelet is, how it works, and more, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Diffuser Bracelet?

Lave stone beads for diffuser bracelets

In the simplest sense, a diffuser bracelet is a wearable that can be imbued with essential oils for aromatherapy. There are several varieties of aromatherapy diffuser bracelets, each using a different approach for oil capturing and scent release.

A lava bead diffuser bracelet is one of the most practical and beautiful options. It features natural lava stone beads to support aromatherapy. Plus, those beads can be coupled with other stone beads, charms, and more, giving you the ability to achieve your preferred look. The bracelet blurs the line between fashion and function, allowing one wearable to pull double-duty.

How Does a Diffuser Bracelet Work?

With lava stone diffuser bracelets, the lava beads are igneous rocks that form when molten rock cools. One of the most prominent features of lava stone is that it’s naturally porous, allowing essential oils to penetrate the beads.

Once the essential oils are on the beads, the bracelet slowly releases the scent. Depending on the oil, the bracelet may diffuse an aroma for anywhere from a few hours to a full day or longer before new oil has to be applied.

The Benefits of Wearing a Diffuser Bead Bracelet

Calming lavender essential oil is perfect to apply to a diffuser bracelet

The biggest benefit to lava bead diffuser bracelets is that they can be a source of aromatherapy. Certain scents can be incredibly impactful on your daily life. Some may be soothing and calming, while others may be invigorating and energizing.

With an aromatherapy diffuser bracelet, you can get the benefits of aromatherapy while on the go. The scent gently lofts from the beads, allowing you to experience the aroma throughout the day.

Plus, it can act as a substitute for perfumes, as others can also enjoy the fragrance from your lava rock diffuser bracelet. This may be ideal if you have sensitive skin or scent allergies that prevent you from using traditional perfumes.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Lava bead diffuser bracelets are also quite beautiful. Lava rock is naturally a matte deep brown or soft black color, making it a nice neutral hue that is still incredibly striking. Many of the bracelets also feature other natural stones, allowing you to add some color and shine to the mix. You can even find versions with charms and other extras, creating opportunities for personalization.

How to Use an Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Generally, using an essential oil diffuser bracelet is incredibly simple. There are only a few steps in the whole process, allowing you to enjoy on-the-go aromatherapy with ease.

Here’s a quick overview of how to use a diffuser bracelet featuring lava rock beads.

Select a Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelet You Love

When you’re choosing a lava rock diffuser bracelet, you want to pick a design that you adore. That way, not only will you want to put it on for the aromatherapy benefits, but also because you love the look and feel of the bracelet.

You can find a lava diffuser bracelet featuring a variety of additional beads in a slew of colors. Plus, many features fun charms, giving them an extra personalized touch. Finally, some can serve as a mala, something that may be particularly beneficial depending on your spiritual beliefs.

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Choose the Right Essential Oils

Once you have the right lava stone diffuser bracelet for you, you must carefully select your essential oils. Each scent may impact your mood differently. For example, lavender tends to be calming, while grapefruit is energizing to most people.

Consider how every scent you have available makes you feel. Then, choose one (or a blend) that puts you in the right state of mind for the moment. That way, you’ll get the full aromatherapy benefit from your diffuser bracelet.

It is important to note that not only do you need to choose the ideal scent for your goals, but you also need to make sure that the essential oils you select are safe for use in a wearable. While most of the oil will initially absorb into the bead, some may come in contact with your skin.

Invigorating citrus essential oils

Certain essential oils – particularly when not diluted – may cause skin irritation. Certain oils are known for potential skin irritation, though some people are also sensitive to oils that others may find okay in a wearable. Undiluted cinnamon oil is a prime example of one that’s known as a potential skin irritant, though it isn’t the only one.

Additionally, allergic reactions to essential oil can occur. Just like it’s possible to be allergic to a food or plant, you can be allergic to essential oils. Some people are allergic to the scents, while other people have skin-specific allergic reactions.

If you are concerned about a skin reaction, you may want first to research the oil you’d like to use to make sure it isn’t known for causing irritation. You can also do a small skin test by applying a drop to a cotton swab and gently dabbing it once on the inside of your wrist, though this should be done with caution.

Apply the Essential Oil to the Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelet

You have two choices when it comes to applying the oil. First, you can place your diffuser bracelet on a non-porous surface. Next, apply a drop of oil to however many beads you’d like to infuse with scent. After that, rub the bead gently with your hand (wash your hands after) or a cotton swab.

Let the bracelet sit for long enough for the oils to dry. Once that happens, you can put on your bracelet and enjoy the scent while on-the-go.

Second, you can technically apply the essential oil to the beads while wearing your lava rock diffuser bracelet. However, only go this route with essential oils that are safe for skin contact at full concentration, as there is a chance of direct content with the skin of your wrist.

After adding the drops, rub each bead to encourage absorption. Then, simply head out on your way.

Refresh the Essential Oil as Necessary

Once the scent diminishes, you can refresh the essential oils on the lava beads for a renewed aromatherapy boost. Just use the same application approach as you did initially, and you can amp up the scent whenever the need arises.

Clean Your Lava Beads to Change the Scent

If you want to use a new scent that doesn’t go with your last one, you can wash the lava beads to remove the essential oil you used previously. The easiest way is with a bowl of lukewarm water and a gentle scent-free soap.

Once you wash the bracelet, leave it in a place to dry. Once fully dried, you can add a new essential oil, wear it without scent, or store it in a safe, dry place.

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