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Enter the luminous embrace of the Ametrine collection at Fierce Lynx Designs, where the dual essence of amethyst and citrine comes together in a symphony of sustainable elegance. Ametrine, with its dance of purple and gold, symbolizes the harmonious blend of contrast and unity.

Our collection brings forth an array of jewelry that captures the duality of day and night, energy and calm, spirit and matter. Each piece is a celebration of natural alchemy, crafted with a deep respect for our environment using recycled materials and responsible practices. Discover the Ametrine collection, where the art of jewelry meets the heart of sustainability, and let each piece resonate with your individuality and conscious lifestyle. Learn about this fascinating gemstone on our blog.

  • Yellow and Purple ametrine crystal bracelet handmade in canada for sale
    Stunning ametrine, citrine and amethyst crystal bracelet
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    Spring Crocus - Ametrine Bracelet

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    This limited edition gemstone bracelet features stunning high-grade Ametrine in hand-cut heishe disks, accented by citrine rondelles, amethyst roun...

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