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April Birthstone Collection

Sparkle like a diamond this April with Fierce Lynx Designs' exclusive April Birthstone Collection. Celebrate the month of diamonds with our handpicked selection of crystal quartz jewelry, embodying the clarity and strength diamonds are known for.

Our 'Spring Reawakening Bracelet Set' and 'Insightful Lynx - Crystal Quartz and Biotite Bracelet Set' are not just accessories, they're a statement of timeless elegance. Inspired by the resilience and brilliance of April's birthstone, each piece in our collection is a testament to sustainable luxury.

Dive deeper into the significance of this gem with our insightful blog article on the diamond, the king of gems. Adorn yourself with Fierce Lynx Designs and carry the spirit of April with you every day.

  • Quartz Crystal April Birthstone Bracelet set
    Quartz Crystal April Birthstone Bracelet set
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    April Birthstone Bracelet Set - Spring Reawakening

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    The traditional birthstone of April is the diamond, one of the most valued (and controversial) gemstones on the planet. Whether you believe diamond...

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