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Peridot & Spinel Bar Necklace


Micro-faceted Peridot lantern beads and star-cut black Spinel provide a two-for-one August birthstone pendant on this delicate gemstone bar necklace.

While olive-green Peridot may be better known as the August birthstone, Spinel and Sardonx also represent this birth month. Black Spinel takes a fantastic polish and is always ready to sparkle and put on a show. 

The pendant is approximately 4cm across. The necklace is approximately 25cm long on each side, making the total length (with the pendant) 54cm (21.5 inches).

About the Collection:

Simple gemstone necklaces have been one of my most requested items. I've designed the Gemstone Bar Necklace collection using high-quality faceted and unfaceted stones in a single type to show off a range of that gem's colours and hues. 


  • approx. 25 cm (10 inches) per side
  • Chain elements are stainless steel
  • Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada



Peridot – This olive-green gemstone is one of the August birthstones and is the gem-quality form of Olivine. Known as the stone of compassion, Peridot was believed to promote restful sleep, health, and peacefulness during the middle ages. While there is no scientific basis for these ancient claims, Peridot’s bright green colouring is sure to put a smile on your face.

Spinel – This stone of many colours is one of August’s three birthstones and is also known as the Great Imposter, as red spinel was long mistaken for rubies by monarchs in their crown jewels. Spinel comes in many other colours than red, though, and it’s black Spinel that has won my heart with its mirror ball shine. Spinel is believed to promote longevity in relationships, energy, and mental stamina. Learn more about Spinel.

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