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Delve into the oceanic allure of the Bamboo Coral collection at Fierce Lynx Designs, where the deep-sea's treasures are transformed into sustainable jewelry masterpieces. Bamboo Coral, not just a gemstone but a testament to the ocean's enduring power, grows in segmented stems, mirroring the grace of its namesake plant. As one of the rare organic gemstones, it symbolizes the timelessness and majesty of our oceans.

Our Bamboo Coral collection is an homage to the sea's hidden wonders, featuring pieces that range from the bold reds of the ocean's depths to the subtle hues of its serene shallows. Each piece is a commitment to our ethos of ethical fashion, crafted with upcycled materials to ensure that our jewelry is as kind to the planet as it is beautiful.

Adorn yourself with the protective and healing qualities of Bamboo Coral, believed to offer solace to those near water and relief from ailments like arthritis. Explore the fascinating world of organic and fossil gemstones, including Bamboo Coral, on our blog, where we delve into their unique differences and benefits.

  • Handmade three bracelet set with Labradorite, red and grey Jasper and blue sponge coral,
    Cozy Lynx bracelet set with Labradorite, Jasper, and sponge coral with silver accent beads

    Cozy Lynx - Gemstone Bracelet Set

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    The Cozy Lynx three bracelet set includes Red Flake and Ocean Jasper, Black Labradorite (or Larvikite), and blue Sponge Coral with silver accent be...

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    5 in stock