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Deep Cove - Pietersite & Bronzite Bracelet Set


Bring in the beauty of nature with the stunning Deep Cove Bracelet Set! This two-piece duo will make waves with its swirling hues of shimmering, swirling Pietersite pebbles paired with Bronzite rounds and copper-plated hematite spacers. These are combined with deep blue Dumortierite squares, creating a dazzling combination sure to add a touch of elegance to any look. Feel inspired with this unique bracelet set!

About the Collection:

Introducing Fierce Lynx Designs' exquisite handmade natural gemstone jewelry collection, inspired by the blissful essence of 'Summer at the Seaside.' As you explore this collection, you'll be transported to a world of sun-drenched beaches, gentle waves, and the vibrant colours of coastal landscapes. The jewelry captures the essence of summer, infusing every piece with a sense of joy, freedom, and adventure.


  • Single stretch bracelets can be worn alone or added to your favourite bracelet stack. 
  • Stretch bracelets accommodate a range of wrist sizes from 6-7 inches
  • larger or smaller sizes are made free of charge on request (just leave a note with your wrist size when you checkout)
  • metal accent beads are Stainless Steel and nickel/lead-free alloy
  • Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada



Bronzite – This gemstone gets its name from the bronze shimmer it displays when polished. It was used in powdered form by the Romans to protect against mental illness and confusion. To this day, Bronzite is believed to promote mental clarity and self-esteem. It is also known as “the stone of courtesy” as it can promote politeness. Maybe it’s Canadian, eh?

Pietersite - Pietersite is a striking gemstone known for its mesmerizing chatoyancy and vibrant colours, including blues, golds, and reds. It possesses strong grounding energy and is believed to enhance intuition, spiritual growth, and transformation. Metaphysically, Pietersite is associated with clarity of thought, psychic abilities, and protection against negative energies, making it a popular choice among those seeking inner strength and balance.

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Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.