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Voyage to Florence - Red Creek Jasper Triple Wrap Bracelet


Introducing Voyage to Florence – A Tribute to Tuscan Beauty

Embark on a journey to the heart of Italy with our newest addition to the 'Winter on Holiday' collection, the "Voyage to Florence" triple wrap bracelet. This exquisite piece captures the essence of the Tuscan countryside, with its rolling hills, vibrant fields, and artistic legacy that has inspired poets and painters for centuries. Designed to wrap elegantly around your wrist three times, this versatile accessory can also be transformed into a chic necklace, offering a touch of Italian elegance in two distinct styles.

Why Voyage to Florence is a Must-Have

Red Creek Jasper – A Canvas of Earthy Tones: The "Voyage to Florence" wrap is crafted almost entirely from Red Creek Jasper, known for its stunning array of earthy tones and patterns that mimic the Tuscan landscape. This captivating stone, found primarily in China, is celebrated for its unique, painting-like designs, with each bead offering a different scene, much like the diverse vistas of Tuscany.

Faceted Pyrite-Plated Hematite Spacers: To complement the natural beauty of Red Creek Jasper, we've chosen faceted Pyrite-plated Hematite beads as spacers. These beads add a subtle sparkle reminiscent of the Tuscan sun glinting off ancient stone buildings. Importantly, this choice ensures the piece is entirely metal-free, making it perfect for those with metal sensitivities.

Light-Weight Mixed Wood Beads Finish: The bracelet is elegantly finished with four lightweight mixed wood beads, adding a natural, rustic touch that harmonizes with the overall theme of nature and artistry.

Metaphysical Properties of Red Creek Jasper:

Red Creek Jasper is not just visually stunning; it is also believed to carry powerful metaphysical properties. Often associated with grounding and stability, this stone is said to promote a strong connection to the earth, offering comfort and a sense of tranquillity. It is also thought to encourage creativity and inspiration, making it a perfect companion for artists and dreamers alike.


  • Materials: Red Creek Jasper, Pyrite-plated Hematite, Mixed Wood Beads
  • Design: Triple wrap bracelet inspired by the Tuscan countryside, wearable as a necklace
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade with a focus on natural beauty and versatility, suitable for those with metal sensitivities

Who Will Cherish Voyage to Florence

The "Voyage to Florence" wrap is designed for the admirer of natural beauty, the art enthusiast, and the dreamer who finds inspiration in the world's landscapes. It's a piece that not only accessorizes but also connects the wearer to the tranquil and artistic spirit of Tuscany. Whether worn as a bracelet or a necklace, it promises to bring a piece of the Italian countryside to your everyday life, making every moment a journey to the heart of Florence. 🌿🎨

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