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Canadian Collection

Explore Canadian Jewelry at Fierce Lynx Designs

Indulge in the rich tapestry of Canadian culture and natural beauty with Canadian Jewelry at Fierce Lynx Designs. Our collection proudly celebrates Canada's diverse landscapes, wildlife, and heritage of the Great White North.

Step into the realm of Canadian-inspired jewelry as you explore our carefully curated selection. Each piece captures the essence of Canada's majestic mountains, pristine lakes, vibrant cities, and iconic symbols.

Our Canadian Jewelry is more than adornment; it's a tribute to the true north, strong and free. Embrace your Canadian pride and make it a part of your everyday style. Explore our Canadian-themed jewelry today and gracefully wear your love for this vast and beautiful land. 

  • Handmade BC Jade earrings with Spinel
    British Columbia Jade and black spinel earrings handmade in canada

    Canadian BC Jade and Spinel Earrings

    Only 1 left!

    Candian Jade from British Columbia is the focal point of these dangle earrings. Paired with black Spinel and silver spacers, these dangle earrings ...

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    Only 1 left!