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Red, White, & Sodalite Chandelier Earrings


The Red, White, & Sodalite Chandelier Earrings add Red Coral to Sodalite and Lapis for a splash of red, white, and blue.

When we think of the red, white, and blue colour combo here in Canada, we automatically think of our American neighbours, but it's not only the USA that shows their patriotism through this colour scheme. The French (🇫🇷), Dutch (🇳🇱), United Kingdom (🇬🇧), Croatia (🇭🇷), Luxembourg (🇱🇺), Chile (🇨🇱), Malaysia (🇲🇾), Cuba (🇨🇺), Norway (🇳🇴), Iceland (🇮🇸), Thailand (🇮🇸), Costa Rica (🇨🇷), and so. many. more! (Not to mention the Acadian flag here in New Brunswick and many other regional flags.)

Whether red, white, and blue has a patriotic significance for you or not, there's no denying it's a classic combination, and these swinging chandelier earrings are like fireworks for your ears. 

These earrings are approx. 7cm (3in) long.


  • Ear hooks and pins are 304 Stainless Steel
  • metal accent beads are lead and nickel free
  • Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada



Bamboo Coral – First things first, the coral used in jewelry making is common and not from our endangered and precious coral reefs. Like its namesake plant, bamboo coral grows in segmented 'stems' that resemble bamboo. It is one of only five organic gemstones (i.e. It was once alive) and of course, represents the power and timelessness of our oceans. Coral is worn as a protective stone, especially by those living or working near the water. It is also said to help relieve bone ailments like arthritis.

Sodalite – If you're looking for meaning, sodalite can help you uncover the answer. This beautiful blue and white gemstone brings awareness and understanding. Sodalite is the stone of communication and truth and encourages logical thinking. Mr. Spock would approve. Learn more about Sodalite on our blog.

Lapis Lazuli – It's easy to see why this royal blue gemstone was once prized by royalty. But not only is Lapis Lazuli deep in colour, but it also helps you dig deep within yourself. Lapis is the gemstone of self-awareness. It promotes self-expression, so it's an excellent gemstone for creatives and those who simply need to reconnect with themselves.

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