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Fierce Protection - Teal Amazonite Bracelet Set


Stunning deep blue-green Amazonite oval and nugget beads are accented with beige petrified wood and silver-pated accent beads in this two-bracelet set.

While a lot of Amazonite is paler blue, this particular strain of Russian Amazonite is a deep teal with creamy white streaks. I've echoed this creamy shade with star-cut Petrified Wood and matte round Fossil beads.  I've used the Amazonite in this bracelet duo in both ovals and irregular nuggets for an organic look. 

There are three sets available now and three more available for pre-order.

These bracelets sets are 'exclusive' limited edition designs and can't be restocked when they are sold out. Grab them while supplies last.


  • Single stretch bracelets can be worn alone or added to your favourite bracelet stack. 
  • Stretch bracelets accommodate a range of wrist sizes from 6.5-7.5 inches
  • larger or smaller sizes are made free of charge on request (just leave a note with your wrist size when you checkout)
  • Handmade in New Brunswick, Canada


    Amazonite - This gemstone comes in various calming pastel colours and promotes healing - inside and out. While Amazonite is said to help heal physical ailments, it is also a powerful emotional healer. We love a good two-for-one! Learn more about Amazonite

    Petrified Wood - Petrified wood is fossilized wood, usually with the mineral composition of Jasper and Chalcedony. It hasn't become stone; rather, the minerals preserve the wood's shape. The presence of Jasper makes this a grounding stone, and Petrified Wood is believed to help calm your nerves and help you feel safe and secure. 

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    Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.