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Discover the serene beauty of the Hemimorphite collection at Fierce Lynx Designs, where the tranquil hues of this unique gemstone are transformed into pieces of wearable art. With its soft blue and green tones, Hemimorphite evokes a sense of calm and clarity, reminiscent of a gentle sea or a clear sky.

In our Hemimorphite collection, each piece is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and ethical jewelry design. From elegant earrings that mirror icicles to bracelets that capture the essence of a tranquil ocean, our collection is a celebration of nature's quiet beauty. Crafted with care and a deep respect for our planet, we use upcycled materials to create jewelry that's beautiful and kind to the Earth.

Adorn yourself with the soothing elegance of Hemimorphite and let each piece be a reminder of the peaceful moments in life. To learn more about the unique properties and history of Hemimorphite, visit our blog, where we delve into the fascinating world of this captivating gemstone.

  • Hemimorphite earrings handmade in Canada
    Handmade earrings with Hemimorphite

    Icicle Earrings

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    My handmade Icicle Earrings feature pale blue Hemimorphite drops with shimmering table-cut Czech glass beads. Hemimorphite isn't a stone often seen...

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    Only 1 left!