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January Birthstone Jewellery

Step into the new year with the regal radiance of garnets from Fierce Lynx Designs' January Birthstone Jewellery Collection. Celebrate the month of January with our handpicked selection of garnet jewelry, known for its deep reds and diverse colour palette that ranges from green to orange.

Each piece is designed to balance and stimulate the chakras, fostering commitment and love. Discover the 'Sophisticated Lynx Bracelet Set' or the 'Fierce Growth Green Garnet Earrings' and feel the embrace of garnet's warm energy.

Dive deeper into the world of garnets with our insightful articles on the January birthstone, Garnet, and the 9 Types of Garnet You Should Know. Adorn yourself with a symbol of growth and passion with our sustainable, handcrafted pieces.

  • Handmade stacking bracelets with Garnet and Labradorite
    Garnet and Labradorite handmade bracelet set

    Cabernet Dreams - Garnet & Labradorite Bracelet Set

    5 in stock

    INTRODUCING CABERNET DREAMS – A LUXURIOUS COLLABORATION WITH THE VIVIENNE FILES Indulge in the rich and sumptuous hues of Cabernet Dreams, the late...

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    5 in stock