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October Birthstone Jewellery

Embrace the enchanting hues of autumn with Fiercely Lynx Designs' October Birthstone Jewelry Collection. Our handcrafted pieces celebrate October's dual gems: the mesmerizing Opal and the vibrant Tourmaline. Each stone, ethically sourced and set in upcycled materials, tells a unique story of sustainability and natural beauty.

Whether you're seeking the iridescent play-of-colour of Opals or the rich spectrum of Tourmaline, our collection offers the perfect personal talisman or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Dive deeper into the lore and allure of these gems with our insightful blog article on October Birthstones, where we explore the history and healing properties that make Opal and Tourmaline treasures beyond their visual splendour. Visit October Birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline to uncover the full story behind your next piece of jewelry. Shop the collection today and wear the essence of October.

  • Snow Angel bracelet set with Angelite, yellow opal and quartz.
    Angelite, quartz and yellow opal bracelet set handmade in new brunswick.
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    Snow Angel - Angelite & Opal bracelet

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    Snow Angel is a two bracelet set featuring Angelite, Yellow Opal, frosted Quartz and white Jade. This was my first time working with Angelite, and ...

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