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Tourmaline – This beautiful crystal has been linked to power and spirituality throughout history. Its colours range from black to green, blue, and pink. Although each colour has its own significance, Tourmaline is most often linked to the Heart Chakra and is believed to open the wearer to love and spirituality. Learn more about tourmaline on our blog. 

  • Resourceful Lynx gemstone bracelet set perfect for winter or summer wardrobes
    Resourceful Lynx gemstone bracelet with sodalite, Amazonite, Tourmaline, and crazy lace agate.

    Resourceful Lynx - Gemstone Bracelet Set


    Resourceful Lynx is a gemstone bracelet set featuring Sodalite, Amazonite, Agate, and Pink Tourmaline, perfect for all seasons. My goal was to desi...

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