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Winter on Holiday

Journey through the wonders of the world with our "Winter on Holiday" collection. Each handcrafted bracelet set in this series is an homage to a unique global destination, capturing the vibrant essence and cultural heartbeat of places far and wide. From the bustling streets of Shaghai to the tranquil beaches of the Caribbean, every design is a narrative woven with colours, styles, and gemstones indigenous to these locales.

This collection is a celebration of global diversity and beauty, crafted for those who carry the spirit of travel in their hearts. As you wear these pieces, let them be a reminder of the world's vast and varied landscapes, the stories untold, and the adventures that await. With "Winter on Holiday," bring a piece of the world into your everyday life, and let your jewelry be a testament to the wanderlust that guides your soul.

  • Voyage to Lima bracelet set with Chrysocolla and Krobo Beads in teal and brown
    Voyage to Lima bracelet set with Chrysocolla and Krobo Beads
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    Voyage to Lima - Peruvian Chrysocolla Bracelet Set

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    Introducing Voyage to Lima – A Celebration of Peruvian Splendor Discover the vibrant heart of Peru with our "Voyage to Lima" bracelet set, a trib...

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