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Super Seven - Cacoxenite Bracelet


Embrace the Mystical Elegance: Super Seven - Cacoxenite Bracelet

Discover the magical allure of our Super Seven - Cacoxenite Bracelet. This masterpiece intertwines the mystical charm of Super 7 faceted and round beads with the serene beauty of Amethyst, complemented by the warm glow of copper-plated Hematite beads. This bracelet is not just an accessory; it's a journey into the heart of nature's wonders.

A Symphony of Minerals: Each bead of this enchanting bracelet is a microcosm of nature's artistry, featuring a blend of minerals encased in Quartz. The Super Seven, a composite of Amethyst and other minerals, creates a dreamlike quality, making each bead a unique world unto itself.

Cacoxenite - The Heart of Super Seven: Often known as the soul of Super Seven, Cacoxenite imparts its characteristic coppery tones to the bracelet. We've celebrated this element by incorporating copper-plated Hematite beads as spacers, adding a touch of earthy elegance and highlighting the natural beauty of the Amethyst beads.

Spring Senses Collection: As part of our Spring Senses Collection, this bracelet is designed to awaken your senses and prepare you for a vibrant summer. This collection's soft purples, blues, greens, pinks, and peaches are a tribute to the awakening beauty of spring.

Crafted with Care:

  • Stretch design accommodates wrist sizes from 6-7 inches.
  • Custom sizes available upon request at no extra charge.
  • Metal accent beads are lead and nickel-free for your comfort.
  • Handmade with love in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Contributing to nature, 10% of all profits are donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Gemstone Spotlight:

  • Cacoxenite: More than just a mineral, Cacoxenite in gemstones like Super Seven and Auralite 23 becomes encased in Quartz, forming a durable and spectacular material. It's believed to amalgamate the metaphysical properties of its components.
  • Hematite: Revered since ancient times, Hematite is a symbol of grounding and focus. Its metallic sheen and rich history as a protective talisman make it a meaningful addition to this bracelet.

Unique Just Like You: Embrace the uniqueness of this bracelet, knowing that each gemstone varies in colour and pattern, making your piece one-of-a-kind.

Elevate your style with this Super Seven - Cacoxenite Bracelet, a testament to the beauty and mystery of the natural world and a perfect companion for your journey through life's wonders.

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Note: Gemstones are naturally occurring and as such colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet. Each bracelet is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.