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10 Gorgeous Gemstones for Fall Jewelry - Fierce Lynx Designs

10 Gorgeous Gemstones for Fall Jewelry

As the weather turns cooler and the days get shorter, jewelry trends change. It’s time to embrace gemstones that feel appropriate for the season. Fall jewelry designs should offer up the warmth and happiness you may find in a cozy blanket, pumpkin spice latte, or warm cinnamon roll.

If you are wondering what gorgeous fall gemstones are popular this year, here’s an overview of the fall jewelry trends, along with a deep dive into the gems that will take your autumn look to the next level.

Fall Jewelry Trends

When it comes to fall jewelry, warmer tones tend to lead the way, mimicking the colors you find in the changing leaves and the glowing sunsets that slowly come earlier. Brilliant golds, deep burgundies, radiant oranges… they all have a place in your look.

Gemstones for autumn often focus on those hues. They offer up a sense of warmth and light, bringing smiles to their wearers.

Fall jewelry also tends to be bold. Larger scale pieces can be incredibly popular, as well as jewelry with intriguing details, like a series of charms on a bracelet or chain. Layered looks are also on the rise, such as stackable bracelets or necklace sets offering a range of lengths.

However, what’s really on-trend this fall is wearing what makes you happy. If you adore a classic autumn look or prefer trends more common in another season, embrace it regardless of the weather. Jewelry should be about joy, allowing you to wear whatever makes you look and feel your best.

10 Gorgeous Fall Gemstones for Your Autumn Look

1. Citrine

Citrine Gemstone of Fall

When people think of citrine, they usually envision the classic yellow variety. While many may think citrine’s look is a bit summery, it’s actually a perfect choice for fall, as well. You can find citrine in shades reminiscent of the yellow leaves you see on trees in autumn, making it an excellent option for the season.

Others are warmer, offering up tea-colored to blood orange tones. Some citrine is practically brick red, another color that’s a great option for autumn.

2. Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet Fall Gemstones

Hessonite garnet is nicknamed the “cinnamon stone.” It’s a grossular garnet variety that comes in golden orange and cinnamon-esque hues. Some of the stones remind their wearers of warm honey, offering up an internal fire thanks to its translucent nature.

Due to their coloring, hessonite garnets are great options for fall. Plus, they are reasonably affordable, making them excellent fall jewelry options for anyone on a budget.

3. Carnelian

Carnelian gemstones for autumn

If you’re looking for fall colors, carnelian has a lot to offer. It’s available in a variety of hues, including warm ambers, burnt orange, and deep orange-red.

While not translucent, carnelian has enough transparency to exude a bit of a warm glow. Its reflective surface when polished also radiates warmth.

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4. Tourmaline

Tourmaline crystals for fall

Considered by some to be the most colorful mineral around, it’s possible to find tourmaline in nearly every hue. While black may be the most common, it’s also available in sunny yellows, bright tangerine, and fiery red, among many others. Plus, some stones transition between multiple colors, offering up a banded or blended look that’s truly captivating.

Tourmaline is often cut and faceted, making it a breathtaking gem for a variety of jewelry designs. However, you may spot some tourmaline cabochons as well that are genuinely stunning.

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5. Fire Opal

Fire Opal autumn jewelry

Available as cabochons or faceted gems, fire opals are amazing autumn gemstones. They come in colors you’d expect to see in a roaring campfire, with warm yellows, striking oranges, and deep reds all being options.

Fire opals also tend to have some color variations in the stone. This can make them incredibly striking, as the gem seems to shift hues depending on how it’s viewed.

Unlike many other opals, play-of-color is rare in fire opals. However, fire opals that do have it are incredibly valuable and highly prized.

6. Sapphire

Fancy Sapphire autumn jewelry

As September’s birthstone, it shouldn’t be a surprise that sapphire is a great fall jewelry gemstone, even if the gem is classically pictured as blue. In reality, sapphire comes in a wide range of colors. Lemon yellow, tangerine, and golden honey are all options with fancy sapphires, among many others.

The only color that isn’t an option is red. When a sapphire is red, it’s technically a ruby.

7. Ruby

Ruby gemstones for autumn

Known for its vibrant red coloring, rubies are an ideal option for fall and well into the winter. This corundum mineral variety offers up a striking appearance, seeming to glow from the inside.

Plus, rubies are very popular. As a result, finding ruby jewelry is fairly simple. The only trick is rubies can be expensive, especially if the quality is high.

8. Diamonds

raw yellow diamonds

Diamond is another gemstone that’s available in a startling array of colors along with the classic colorless variety. Yellow diamonds are often delicately tinted, which can make them ideal for fall, as well as spring. However, you can also opt for something a bit more dramatic.

Champagne, cognac, or chocolate diamonds are a great option for fall. They offer up warm brown hues that sparkle, ranging from lightly to substantially tinted.

Both yellow and brown diamonds are fairly common, so they may not be overly expensive. However, there are also red diamonds on the market. When red diamonds are vibrant – a very rare outcome – they can be fairly costly, with some selling for more than $100,000 per carat.

9. Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz crystals for fall

If you prefer deeper colors, smoky quartz may be your ideal fall gemstone. It has depth while maintaining a radiance. Plus, it maintains a sense of warmth, combining gray with browns and beiges – potentially landing it into greige territory depending on the exact stone.

Smoky quartz is also an affordable option. It’s widely available and found in many locations across the globe, something that keeps its price down.

10. Topaz

Topaz crystals for autumn

In its natural state, topaz is actually a yellow to golden brown stone, making it ideal for fall jewelry. However, different impurities or treatments can alter the color, allowing you to find versions in bright orange, deep red, and many more.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, Imperial topaz is an outstanding option for fall. It has a glow reminiscent of autumn sunsets that you don’t find in most other stones. However, it’s highly prized and somewhat rare – costing up to $1,000 to $3,500 per carat for larger stones – so it may not work for every budget.

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