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7 Spooky Gemstones for Halloween

7 Spooky Gemstones for Halloween

Halloween is often considered the spookiest night of the year. Children dress up in costumes and head out after dark, wandering the streets as they travel from one house to the next in search of treats. Adults head to nighttime parties wearing frightening (or fun!) attire, gathering together to celebrate all things eerie. Since a bit of jewelry can often take a costume to the next level, choosing spooky gemstones for Halloween is essential.

Granted, most gems wouldn't be considered spooky at a glance. However, a few with unique appearances give them an eerie edge. Plus, many are associated with protection by those who follow specific belief systems, which is something wearers may appreciate on this occasion.

If you want to ensure your costume is on point or simply want to don some fantastic stones that align with the season, here's a look at seven spooky gemstones for Halloween.

7 Spooky Gemstones for Halloween

1. Bloodstone


While genuine bloodstone doesn't glow or have mystical powers, as shown in the Marvel film Werewolf by Night, it's nonetheless an excellent choice for Halloween. The stone features rich, deep green colouring as a base, with lighter green segments peppered across the surface. Then, you have the bright blood-red speckles that make this gem stand out from the pack.

When properly polished, bloodstone also has a breathtaking lustre. This makes it a standout option for an eye-catching amulet for gothic-inspired Halloween costumes. Plus, its striking appearance can add that little something extra to any outfit, as the colouring works well with the hues of fall.

Many believe that bloodstone also has protective powers. It's also associated with courage and sacrifice, making it an intriguing option on the year's spookiest night. Learn more about bloodstone.

2. Garnet

Orange garnet

For those looking to add some seasonal flare to their Halloween attire, going with a garnet often does the trick. Garnets are available in a wide array of colours that capture the feeling of the season. Plus, they're usually reasonably affordable.

Two of the top choices are hessonite and spessartite garnets. (Learn more about these types of Garnet). Both come in deep burnt orange colours, not unlike the shades you often find in pumpkins. They're rich, moody, and eye-catching, adding that special touch to any outfit.

If you prefer something in the red colour family, pyrope is a deep wine-coloured garnet with excellent fire. It's also one of the most popular garnets for jewelry, making it reasonably easy to find.

For shades of green, look no further than the demantoid garnet. It's a forest-hued stone with astonishing fire. Plus, some versions have inclusions that look like wispy sprays, which can be particularly apt for Halloween. While it's rare, it's popular for jewelry, so it's relatively accessible. Learn more about Garnet.

3. Black Onyx

With its deep black colouring and glassy surface, looking into a piece of black onyx can feel like staring into the void. Plus, the name "onyx" is derived from the Greek "ὄνυξ," which means "claw," "nail," or "talon." That makes it a perfect fit for your spooky Halloween attire.

The stone is also associated with goddesses and queens. According to Greek myth, onyx was formed when Cupid trimmed the fingernails of the goddess Venus, and those nails were turned to stone to immortalize her. It's also said that Cleopatra believed that onyx had protective powers

Many others also associate onyx with strength, focus, and willpower. It's also said to guard against negative energy. As a result, that makes the onyx gemstone an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a safe Halloween.

4. Amber

insect incased in amber

Amber is often associated with courage, self-confidence, and protection from negative energy, making it a solid choice for anyone who's a bit skittish during Halloween. Plus, the warm, golden orange colouring is perfect for the fall season.

However, there are also spooky versions of this stone. While not commonly found in chain jewelry stores, some independent designers take advantage of pieces of amber that contain insects to make intriguing pieces. Amber is formed when the resin is released from tree bark. At times, insects get stuck in the resin and become encased inside once it hardens.

If the insect version doesn't feel right for you, amber can also contain other materials. For example, plant pieces – such as leaves or flowers – may get encased inside, giving it a unique look that's a bit less eerie.

5. Moonstone

polished moonstones

Legend says moonstone contains a solid ray of moonlight, making it perfect for a spooky holiday like Halloween. The soft glow also has a ghost-like ethereal quality, which seems particularly apt for this time of year.

However, moonstone is also said by some to be a highly relaxing stone that promotes positive well-being. As a result, it can be a solid option for anyone who may feel a bit anxious this time of year.

Moonstone may also be a particularly great choice for anyone planning to dress up as a spirit, spectre, phantom, or ghost. The stone may help complete the look thanks to the gentle glow, adding that little something extra. Plus, moonstone is easy to wear after Halloween – and all year round – since its base hue is typically neutral. Learn more about moonstone.

6. Dragon Blood Jasper

Dragon blood jasper is a visually striking stone that seems right at home during the spookiest night of the year. It features a dark base – ranging from black to deep gray – mixed with vibrant green and deep, earthy red sections. The green is said to represent dragon skin, while the red is dragon blood.

When polished, dragon blood jasper can have an excellent sheen, which makes the colouring stand out even more. It's a solid choice for larger statement jewelry pieces, such as amulet-style pendants and gothic rings. Often, it's a great final touch for various costumes, vampires, witches, demon hunters, and more.

But while dragon blood jasper may have an eerie edge, many consider it a stone of protection. It's also associated with strength and endurance by some, as well as resilience, creativity, and goal achievement. The colouring and meaning can make it an excellent stone for all of the fall and into winter, so consider pieces that may work well beyond Halloween.

7. Hematite

polished hematite stone

Hematite is a unique stone with a metallic lustre and an appearance resembling old worn mirrors. Primarily, it comes in shades of gray and silver, though there are also black and reddish-brown varieties, giving you some options.

When properly polished, hematite can look like solid mercury, adding some shine to any outfit. It's also reasonably easy to carve. As a result, you may find anything from cabochon pendants to solid hematite rings, allowing you to add a hint of spookiness to any outfit.

One of the other reasons that hematite is an eerie stone is that its name is derived from the Greek word for blood. It's also associated with magic by many. However, many view hematite as a grounding and protective stone, making it a great choice for Halloween or any time of year. Learn more about hematite.

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