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Discovering Maw Sit Sit: Uncover the Unique Power and Beauty of this Rare Gemstone

Discovering Maw Sit Sit: Uncover the Unique Power and Beauty of this Rare Gemstone

Maw Sit Sit stands out in the gem world for its distinct green vibrancy and exclusivity to Myanmar’s Kachin State. This article unveils the origins, rock formation, and qualities that make Maw Sit Sit a rare yet accessible treasure for gem lovers.

Unveiling the Maw Sit Sit Gemstone

A piece of maw sit sit gemstone with bright green and dark green patches

Introduce yourself to Maw Sit Sit stone, a gemstone that is frequently confused with chrome jade. However, it’s a metamorphic rock comprised of a variety of minerals with a highly variable appearance. The primary minerals found in Maw Sit Sit include:

  1. Kosmochlor: Also known as ureyite, kosmochlor is a major component that contributes to the deep green colour of Maw Sit Sit. It's a chromium-rich pyroxene.

  2. Jadeite: This is a pyroxene mineral and a form of jade, which is well-known for its use in jewelry and carvings. Jadeite in Maw Sit Sit adds to its hardness and lustre.

  3. Albite: A plagioclase feldspar mineral, albite is often white to transparent in colour and contributes to the overall composition of Maw Sit Sit.

  4. Chromian Jadeite: This is a chromium-rich variety of jadeite, adding to the intense green colour of Maw Sit Sit.

  5. Eckermannite: A mineral belonging to the amphibole group, eckermannite in Maw Sit Sit is often rich in chromium and contributes to the gemstone's colour and texture.

  6. Arfvedsonite: This is another amphibole mineral that can be found in Maw Sit Sit, contributing to its overall composition and characteristics.

  7. Chromian Arfvedsonite: A chromium-rich variety of arfvedsonite, adding to the complexity of Maw Sit Sit.

  8. Other minor minerals: Maw Sit Sit may also contain small amounts of other minerals, which can vary depending on the specific specimen.

The combination of these minerals, particularly the presence of chromium-rich components, is what gives Maw Sit Sit its unique and vibrant green colour, along with its characteristic patterns and textures. This complex mineral composition makes Maw Sit Sit not only a beautiful gemstone but also a fascinating subject for mineralogical study.

It is a stone of multiple minerals of varying amounts and qualities, each piece distinct in its mineral content, other minerals, and overall appearance.

Composition and Formation

Maw Sit Sit is born from high pressure and temperature, resulting in a mosaic of minerals that contribute to its distinct appearance. The primary mineral in Maw Sit Sit is kosmochlor, which significantly defines the appearance of Maw Sit Sit.

This interesting formation process involves the creation of kosmochlor, the main mineral in Maw Sit Sit, through metasomatism by a sodium-rich carbonatite melt.

Appearance and Variability

Maw Sit Sit stone in a bright green color

Maw Sit Sit is known for its:

  • Bright emerald-green hue with dark green to black patches or veins due to its very high chromium content

  • Variability in colour attributed to the presence of different mineral species within the rock, primarily albite feldspar followed by kosmochlor

  • Beauty is enhanced with an interesting swirl of jet black color, black veining or occasionally white spots, bands, and a few swirls of black as prevalent patterns and inclusions.

  • being extremely tough, rating around 6-7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it suitable for various types of jewelry.

The brightness of the emerald-green colour can vary, encompassing a spectrum from a brilliant bright green colour to dark green, almost black, evident in different patterns such as splotches, swirls, veins, and bands.

The Origins of Maw Sit Sit

A scenic view of the village in northern Myanmar (northern Burma) where maw sit sit is found

The narrative of Maw Sit Sit transports us to a small region of Kachin State in Myanmar, the unique location where this gemstone is unearthed. Discovered near the village of Tawmaw, this gemstone was explored in the early 1960s near the historic imperial Jadeite mines, making it one of the most sought-after forms of gemstone.

Geographical Location

The journey of Maw Sit Sit begins in veins alongside jade and as pebbles in alluvial deposits in a small area of Kachin State in Myanmar. This geographical specificity contributes to its rarity and value, with its highly variable appearance making it unique among gemstones.

The geographical distribution of mines in Kachin State, particularly situated in the Hpakan–Taw Maw region of northern Burma, holds great importance due to the presence of jade and Maw Sit Sit, which also plays a role in the rarity and value of the gemstone.

Rarity & Market Value

Maw Sit Sit gemstones are rarely seen in brick-and-mortar stores because of their scarcity, though they are widely available online. However, it is important to exercise caution as there are many fakes and imitations in circulation. The market value of Maw Sit Sit is affected by attributes such as:

  • colour

  • clarity

  • carat weight

  • typical gem cut

  • origin

Despite its quality and rarity, Maw Sit Sit jewelry is generally more affordable than high-quality jade.

To assess the authenticity of Maw Sit Sit, it is important to consider attributes such as colour, clarity, carat weight, cut, and origin, and make purchases from reputable vendors.

Maw Sit Sit's Uses

  • Maw Sit Sit is primarily used in jewelry making, often cut into cabochons or fashioned into beads for its aesthetic appeal.

  • It's also utilized in decorative arts for inlays in furniture and ornamental items and carved into small sculptures.

  • Popular among gemstone collectors for its rarity and distinctiveness, Maw Sit Sit is sometimes attributed to healing properties in crystal healing practices.

  • Its exclusivity and natural beauty make it a sought-after material in fashion and design, adding unique elegance to accessories and jewelry pieces.

Metaphysical Properties and Benefits of Maw Sit Sit

Maw Sit Sit specimen with a very high chromium content and a few swirls of jet black color

Apart from its physical allure, Maw Sit Sit is thought to hold a variety of metaphysical properties, such as emotional healing, chakra harmonizing, and establishing grounding during meditation.

Emotional Healing

Maw Sit Sit is reputed to have the following benefits:

  • Promotes sentiments of joy, enthusiasm, and positive relationships

  • Encourages energy, acceptance, and opportunities

  • Alleviates depression and boosts energy levels

  • Fosters a sense of happiness in one’s life

  • Promotes the attraction of love and evokes passion

  • Helps find an inner path and purpose

  • Supports the restoration of love

  • Calms the worried mind

  • Attracts new relationships and opportunities

Chakra Balancing

Maw Sit Sit resonates with the heart chakra, promoting balance and openness, enabling the unrestricted flow of feelings of joy and love. It is believed to activate the energies associated with green tones, making it an appropriate gemstone for fostering equilibrium and stimulation of the Heart Chakra.

One of the recommended practices for balancing the chakras is crystal healing. Placing Maw Sit Sit directly on the body can maximize its chakra balancing effect, leading to enhanced vitality and reduced stress and anxiety.

Meditation and Grounding

Meditating with Maw Sit Sit

The typical gem, Maw Sit Sit, is acknowledged for its capacity to promote a feeling of relaxation and grounding during meditation, helping individuals stay focused in the present moment and apply past experiences. Maw Sit Sit possesses grounding energy that serves to anchor individuals to the earth’s core, thereby fostering a sense of stability and feeling of connectedness during meditation.

Maw Sit Sit can be integrated into meditation by gently holding the gemstone in the palm of your hand and setting an intention for it to positively influence your focus areas.

Maw Sit Sit Spiritual and Mythological Properties

The spiritual importance of Maw Sit Sit includes:

  • Invigorating the mind and boosting vitality

  • Fortifying the connection with both physical and spiritual dimensions

  • Helping individuals uncover their inner path and purpose

  • Encouraging emotional equilibrium and comprehension of spiritual lessons

Maw Sit Sit has been notably utilized in Chinese culture to harness its spiritual properties.

Furthermore, it is believed to attract good fortune, kindness, and good relationships due to its pacifying energies that have a positive impact on emotional and intellectual well-being, as well as its ability to draw positive energy and resonance that promotes luck and prosperity.

Caring for Your Maw Sit Sit Jewelry

As with all gemstones, Maw Sit Sit demands appropriate care and cleaning to preserve its allure and durability.

The optimal method to clean a Maw Sit Sit gemstone involves utilizing soapy water and a soft cloth, guaranteeing comprehensive rinsing to eliminate any soap residue. However, it is advised to refrain from using ultrasonic cleaners or chemical cleaning agents, as they have the potential to cause damage to the stone.

cleaning Maw Sit Sit with soapy water

Ultrasonic cleaners and steamers should be avoided in cleaning Maw Sit Sit, as they have the potential to cause damage, particularly if the gemstone has significant inclusions or is less durable.


In this journey of discovery, we have explored the unique and rare gemstone known as Maw Sit Sit. We delved into its composition, formation, geographical origins, metaphysical properties, and the care needed to maintain its beauty and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called maw sit sit?

It is called maw sit sit because it was first identified near the village of Tawmaw in northern Myanmar. It was named after the village close to where it was first found in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What is another name for Maw Sit Sit?

Maw Sit Sit is also known as "Chromium Jade" due to its high chromium content and jade-like appearance. This name highlights its rich bright green color and similarity to jade, making it more relatable to those familiar with jade but not Maw Sit Sit.

Is Maw Sit Sit valuable?

Yes, Maw Sit Sit is considered valuable, primarily due to its rarity and unique aesthetic appeal. While it may not command the same high prices as some other well-known gemstones like diamonds or Burmese rubies, its exclusivity and distinctiveness make it a sought-after material in the gemstone market. Its value is also influenced by factors such as color intensity, translucency, and the presence of fewer inclusions.

Is Maw Sit Sit rare?

Indeed, Maw Sit Sit is quite rare. It is found exclusively in a limited area in Northern Myanmar, near the village of Maw Sit Sit, which is part of the Himalayan orogeny. This limited geographic occurrence contributes significantly to its rarity. Additionally, its unique composition, which includes a mix of various minerals like kosmochlor and jadeite, adds to its rarity and distinctiveness in the world of gemstones.

What is mistaken for jade?

Chrysoprase, chrysophrase, maw sit sit, serpentine, hydrogrossular garnet, and aventurine are all stones often mistaken for jade. These materials have similar appearances and are commonly confused with jade.

What are the spiritual properties of the maw sit sit?

Maw Sit Sit gemstones are believed to enhance joy, uplift energy, and bring more contentment to the soul and life. Their positive vibration is thought to lift the mood and instill happiness.

What is the primary mineral found in Maw Sit Sit, and what impact does it have on the visual characteristics of the gemstone?

The primary mineral found in Maw Sit Sit is kosmochlor, which gives the gemstone its unique appearance with a mosaic of various minerals. This imparts a distinct visual characteristic to the gemstone.

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